5 WWE Superstars That Won The WWE/World Title Too Soon

  1. Kane

Kane came into the then WWF with storied momentum. He was the long lost brother of the already very well established Undertaker, not only that, he was maybe the only force that could rival that of his brother, and turning up in the Hell in a Cell like he did, it was a big moment debut. A lot happened over the next year, most of it based on the feud leading up to Wrestlemania. But his Title win at King Of The Ring, and then losing it one night later, put a quite sizeable speed bump in the unbeatable monster they had been putting over for a year. The feeling here is, had he won the WWF Championship a little further into his career, it would have not only lasted for longer, but would have held a hell of a lot more weight.


  1. Sheamus

Sheamus was an unfortunate casualty of an early big man push, at the time of his first title reign he was under developed as a character and the reign itself felt forced and unsatisfying. Adding to that the way he actually won the championship, it didn’t give it the best start anyway.

Sheamus was/is a good wrestler, and as he grew, he only got better. Had they waited a little bit longer, I’m sure Sheamus could have been a great top tier guy.


  1. The Big Show

Now don’t get us wrong with this one, we know that he had already held the WCW championship, however in the WWF, Big Show was yet another unfortunate victim of the ‘Big man too soon’ situation. He debuted for the WWF in February of 1999 and by December of that year he was already on his way to the WWF title. The decision on this one is even more confusing than you think, as the feud between Big Show and Big Boss man, had just gained the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Worst Feud Award. So how was the decision to put the biggest championship in the company on him? and so soon too.

Big Show could have been so much more throughout his entire career, but the opinion here is even though he has had a great one, he has always been hindered by his first year in the WWF.


  1. Randy Orton

There are many I know that might disagree with me, and this will be one I think will have a lot. But at the time of Randy’s first World Championship run (albeit a storyline I actually liked) it still felt during that reign, that he was an Intercontinental guy who had the big belt.

He was still growing as a talent, and what held him up at the time was that Triple H was a part of the story. What made the Championship run fall down even more though, was the exact same thing, we knew that Triple H was going to get it back, so for the while, Randy just felt like he was ‘looking after it’ until Hunter could get it back after losing it to Chris Benoit.

Randy did go on to have a brilliant career, but it unfortunately doesn’t change how the first World Title run went down.



  1. Jack Swagger (now Jake Hager)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Hagar, I also think his move to AEW is a brilliant thing. But here we are talking about Title reigns that came too early, and I’m sure many will agree (and some of course disagree) that Swaggers first World Title run, was just a bit rubbish.

Notwithstanding his ECW championship reign wasn’t the best either, his cash in for the World Title felt lacklustre and didn’t become much more.

He found more interesting characters after the fact, and even though he was hanging around the mid-card, and had some good tag stuff going for a while, any time after his first run, would have been a better time to try for the big one.


There are many more differences between the two, and I’m sure a lot of varying opinions. So let us know!


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